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Integral Options for Life - Fitness, Nutrition, Masculinity, Coaching
Personal Training - I work out of Select Fitness (on Swan just south of the Swan and Sunrise intersection) in Tucson, AZ, but I also train people in their homes and in local parks or school yards. Whether you seek fat loss, increased muscle size and strength, speed and agility, or some combination of all of these, I can help you reach your goals.
Fitness Program Design - I can create a weight training & fitness program based on your experience, your needs, and your goals. I can work with you in person (if you are in Tucson) or by email or Skype to refine the program as you progress.
Nutritional Coaching - I specialize in nutrition for weight loss, disease prevention, strength, muscle mass, and overall health. I can help you tailor supplements to fit your needs and goals (I am very experienced and knowledgeable about supplementation for type-II diabetes, cholesterol, joint issues, and other health concerns).
Masculinity Coaching - I work with men who want to explore their options for personal growth, while examining cultural constructions of masculinity, emotional and spiritual elements, and becoming a well-rounded man. I am also available for work with small groups and to offer lectures/seminars on the meaning and exploration of a more integrated masculinity.
Compassion Fatigue & Resilience - As part of my work in becoming a clinical counselor, I have developed a workshop on compassion fatigue and how therapists can increase their own resilience in treating trauma clients. Most recently, I have presented this workshop for the therapists at SACASA (Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault) and Las Familias (specializing inchildhood sexual abuse treatment).
Integral Transformation Practices -When we engage in multiple transformative practices, including the physical, psychological/spiritual, cultural/interpersonal, and social/political, as well as shadow work, we grow at a greater rate than simply following one or two practices. I can help you design and implement an ITP program.
Corporate Health Consulting - I conduct workshops for businesses to help their staff live healthier lifestyles, including fitness and nutrition. With a focus on resilience in both body and mind, I can help your staff function more efficiently and need fewer sick days.
Writing and Editing: I am also a freelance writer, editor, and ghost writer - email me for more information.
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